DesktopBSD 1.0-RC2

This is a release candidate, which means it's pretty reliable, but likely contains some serious bugs. Please help by posting your experiences and reporting bugs in the forums New Window!


 Please read the 1.0-RC2 Notes before installing DesktopBSD or reporting bugs!


Download servers

University of Vienna (FTP, Austria)
University of Vienna (HTTP, Austria)
Plus.line (HTTP, Germany)
Plus.line (FTP, Germany)
SolNet (HTTP, Switzerland)
SolNet (FTP, Switzerland)
Oregon State University (FTP, USA)
Oregon State University (HTTP, USA)
Providence University Taichung (HTTP, Taiwan)
Providence University Taichung (FTP, Taiwan)
Xenophase (FTP, Chicago/USA)
Xenophase (HTTP, Chicago/USA)
USSG Indiana University (FTP, USA)
USSG Indiana University (HTTP, USA)
TDS Internet Services (FTP, Wisconsin/USA)
TDS Internet Services (HTTP, Wisconsin/USA)
Ural Print (FTP, Russia)

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Services kindly provided by:
Plus.line SolNet Oregon State University University of Vienna Providence University Taichung, Taiwan Xenophase Gaming Network Indiana University TDS Internet Services Ural Print

DesktopBSD 1.0-RC1

RC1 is still available, but we highly recommend RC2, especially because of the processor bug. Logo